What is ugly fruit?

“Ugly”, or cull fruit, is fruit that looks a little different than what you might see displayed on supermarket shelves.  It could be oversized, undersized, bent, bumped, broken or conjoined. Often this “ugly” fruit is sent to the landfill because of cosmetic blemishes. But on the inside (which we all know, is really what counts) “ugly” fruit is fresh and full of flavor, making it a perfect ingredient in creating our 4Good Seltzer.

We choose to source our ingredients from “ugly” fruit because as a country we send a staggering amount of food waste to landfills.  Every year 40% of our food supply ends up in landfills, which results in all sorts of terrible environmental problems. Food waste is one of the leading contributors of GreenHouse Gas emissions, which is a major cause of global climate change.

We work closely with partners who source natural, “ugly” fruit and turn it into refreshing juice that we use in our hard seltzer. Whenever possible we try to use organically grown fruit that is grown locally, and without exception all of the juice we source is 100% natural. 

Yes, it tastes like the best hard seltzer on the market! Our hard seltzer will typically be more “fruit-forward” (sorry, winemaker background) and doesn’t have the fake aftertaste like many of our competitors. Don't believe us, try it for yourself!

How is 4Good flavored?

4Good uses real fruit juices, concentrates, and essences, no artificial flavors or colors. Whenever possible we source organic and local, and 100% of our flavors are natural. Because of our clean alcohol base and pure filtered water, all the flavor you taste comes fully from the juices we use and has no chemical aftertaste.

We went through 6 months of flavor development where we combined our knowledge of winemaking and culinary flavor combinations to explore different flavor profiles. We also examined which fruits were most frequently being culled and needed rescuing. After many surveys, blind tastings, tweaks and changes we landed on these four delicious flavors! And it doesn’t end there, we’ve got plans for many more to come.

4Good is made of fermented cane sugar.  It's a natural process that allows us to make a seltzer that is 5% alcohol but still gluten free, has no flavor, no color, no odor and is low calorie!  This means the color, smell and taste is all fruit.

Yes, 100% totally cool for those with gluten free diets and gluten sensitivity.

Yup, no animals were used or harmed in the creation of 4Good Hard Seltzer!

Because real fruit has color and we use real fruit, it’s as simple as that. 

Nope, 4Good is all natural!

Why is food insecurity such a big deal?

Kids who don't get enough to eat are at a serious disadvantage.  They are more likely to have health issues at a young age, they are more likely to get in trouble at school, more likely to repeat a grade in elementary school, have developmental impairments in language and motor skills and have more social and behavioral problems. 

We think it's terrible that while we waste so much perfectly good food, we simultaneously see kids suffer from food insecurity right here in our own communities. 1 in 6 kids don't know if they'll have dinner tonight. Organizations such as No Kid Hungry are so great because they take care of all the logistics associated with getting healthy nutritious meals to kids in need. 

What is 1% For the Planet logo on the can?

On every can and box of 4Good, you’ll notice a 1% For the Planet logo. This is our pledge to donate at least 1% of our revenue to environmental causes.  We think it’s important to give back to the planet for the resources it takes to create our product.  Through our partnership and commitment to 1% For the Planet, we’re able to donate at least 1% of our profit into a number of nonprofits that help offset our production impact.

Yes, and we encourage you to do so!